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CEC Toronto Fine Dining Perigee Restaurant

Location: 55 Mill Street
Phone #: (416) 364-1397
Website: www.perigeerestaurant.com
Email: info@perigeerestaurant.com
Catering: michael@perigeerestaurant.com

Perigee came to be in 2003 when members of the Brown family (proprietor Victor, executive chef Christopher, sommelier and general manager Michael) combined their respective talents. The result? A restaurant known for the finest ingredients, each diligently crafted in-house, with a centrally-located open kitchen designed to give diners close proximity - that is, perigee - to the chefs at work.

The kitchen is run by the Browns' eldest, Christopher, while Michael manages the front of the house. Together, the Browns continually explore the culinary world to its fullest and take pride in sharing these adventures with you.

At Perigee, we're bringing new meaning to the term, 'dinner theatre.' As you dine, watch our team of chefs at work in our centrally-located kitchen. Whether you've chosen from our a la carte menu or entrusted your appetite to our chef's personal selections via omakase, your time at Perigee is sure to leave a lasting impression. Dietary preferences are welcome.

Wander through the cobblestone laneways of Toronto's historic Distillery District and there, nestled among 19th century buildings, you'll find Perigee. Antique wooden beams and exposed brick speak to the history of our space and add a distinct contrast to the modern flavour combinations that await your palate.

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