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CEC Toronto Welcome to Toronto Entertainment

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Spotlight on... Marcel's Bistro

The food at Marcel's Bistro is French with a southern influence. It is a cuisine of the sun - fresh, light and pure. It is not a North American interpretation of French Cuisine with trendy ingredients: trends last months but generations have celebrated French Cuisine in all its styles.

Marcel's serves what the French cook and eat. It is not pretentious. It is the freshest ingredients purchased daily at the market and placed in the hands of chefs who have the talent and philosophy to be innovative without resorting to trickery.

The Southern French luxuriate in the pure tastes and aromas of the simplest but finest foods treated with respect
and integrity.Go

Toronto Restaurants

Spotlight on... Li'Ly Resto lounge

Li'Ly Resto lounge encourages you to play with our adventurous menu of international tapas and beverages while soaking in beautiful sights and sounds.

A multisensory experience offering you a venue which boasts everything from exotic martinis and a truky eclectic menu to Djs, dancing or lounging. Welcome to our interpretation of the ultimate dinner party.

We prove that restaurants CAN be fun as we offer you the opportunity to enjoy dining, dancing and socializing under one roof. Go

Spotlight on...
Monsoon Restaurant

Monsoon's new Asian culinary inspirations re-design a variety of eastern cuisines with studied precision for the North American palate to a deliciously sensual result.

Award winning design, recognized by no less an authority than the James Beard Foundation, elivers visual delights equal to the artistry of the kitchen.

Strains of classic Japanese space concepts abound in a room replete with textured acrylic and down-lit panels of sandblasted pine. Truly food for the senses.Go


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