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CEC The Escape Ballet

The Escape Ballet - Sponsored Video

Welcome to Toronto a city filled with shops, nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment busseling with people, bicycles and cars. You have been driving around for 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot near your destination.

It's your lucky day... A spot just opened up. One slight problem, the spot may be too small.

What do you do now? Drive around for another 15 minutes, get out of the car on your second try, ask a stranger to help you, take a chance and wing it?

There is an easier way. The 2013 Ford Escape, a true Maverick can park itself. It uses it's new Active Park Assist system with sensors and cameras to guide itself into that parking spot you so desire with speed and ease.

This post is sponsored by Ford

No one can guarantee you will always find that perfect spot. When you do Ford will be there to help you keep it.



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