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CEC Niagara Falls Welcome to Niagara Entertainment .Ca

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Spotlight on... The Skylon Tower

For those with a taste for the extraordinary Skylon's Revolving Dining Room simply must be experienced.

Our award winning continental cuisine is presented in an elegant setting 775 ft. above the Falls. Lunch or dinner, the menu is rivalled only by the view, which you can appreciate at leisure (one rotation per hour).

Dine by night and you'll discover the unique atmosphere created by the illumination of the Falls.Go

Spotlight on... The Canada Entertainment.Ca Hotel Guide

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Spotlight on... The Falls

Niagara Falls was formed 12,000 years ago following the end of the last ice age and resulting glacial retreat.

Canadian Horseshoe Niagara Falls are 180 feet or 55 meters high and the Canadian Falls are 2,500 feet or 750 meters wide.

The water rushing over Niagara Falls comes from the Great Lakes.

Niagara Falls, Canada receives over 15 million visitors each year. It is also well known as the honeymoon capital of the
world. Go


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