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: Land of Adventure
Location: 7657 Portage Road [map]
Website: www.MarinelandCanada.com

King Waldorf® Stadium High-flying bows and amazing flips are just some of the natural and thrilling behaviours performed by the dolphins that will have you saying “wow” more times than you can count. Adorable walruses will make you smile and the hilarious antics of the sea lions, as they outwit their human companions,will have you laughing right out loud.

Arctic Cove Meet one of the most unique looking whales from the marine mammal family - the beluga. Expansive underwater viewing windows at Arctic CoveTM let you get right up close. Not close enough? Arctic Cove is also designed so that you can touch and feed these friendly white whales.

Friendship Cove Their name makes them sound ferocious, but killer whales can be quite friendly and affectionate. This congenial side of the largest member of the dolphin family became known through observations and contact made at facilities like Marineland.You can experience the killer whale’s amiable nature for yourself because at Friendship Cove® you have the opportunity to touch and feed these wonderful ocean giants.

Thrilling Rides Marineland also offers thrilling rides including the world’s highest triple tower ride, Sky ScreamerTM, and the
world’s largest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain®.

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