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CEC Quebec Fine Dining Cafe Du Monde

Type: French Fine Dining
Location: 84, Dalhousie
Phone #: 418.692.4455
Website: www.lecafedumonde.com
Menu: Click here for menu

Café du Monde captures the ambience of charming, internationally renown, French restaurant Bistros . You will enjoy the warm welcome and delicious cuisine featuring traditional fare. Our menu includes duck confit, salmon tartar, oat Tatin apple pie or fish soup with accompaniments. Something for every taste!

A look that is very contemporary And a little bit Art Deco!

Café du Monde was designed by Lemay & Michaud , with elements of the most popular French bistros and café restaurants incorporated by architect Roméo Côté.

The metallic structure inside Café du Monde is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower . If you long to see Montmartre or the Bastille , we have just the thing for you!

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