Casino Movies Ranked From Best to Worse

Many people are not familiar with this fact, but the movie and casino industry has a long and very productive relationship. The movie industry played a massive role in legalizing gambling facilities back in the 1960s. During these times, gambling was considered illegal in most parts of the world. Still, after a few Hollywood gambling movies became very popular, the public became very fond of playing these games.

Even today, when online casinos are becoming popular, land-based facilities are still the leaders in this industry. Land-based casinos have a certain vibe that this real money online casino Canada replicates to an extent

With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some gambling movies and rank them from best to worse.


Coming up at number 1 is arguably the best gambling movie of all time. Rounders stars Matt Damon, a gifted poker player who participates in various tournaments together with his friend. But, after a few poker games, his friend ends up owing money to a local mobster. Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) decides to take up his debt and play Teddy KGB, the mobster above. But after Mike fails to deliver, he chooses to gamble with his life and participate in an all-in game of poker against Teddy KGG.


Next up, we have a blackjack-themed movie starring the infamous Kevin Spacey. In this movie, Kevin Spacey takes up the role of a math teacher who gathers a group of gifted young students and teaches them how to count cards in blackjack. Thanks to the very effective training, they become very proficient as they roam the Vegas Strip casinos every weekend and make unimaginable amounts of money.

But, Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) is a wanted man in Vegas because he has a long history of doing this and it does not take long before his cover is blown. Even though this movie is exciting, it does have a sort of a cliché story. Nevertheless, it is still fun to watch.

The Gambler 

Finally, The Gambler is the last gambling movie that we are going to cover. It stars Mark Wahlberg, the actor who’s capable of taking any role, which is no different in this movie. He is a university professor who is addicted to playing casino games and is always in debt. The good thing is that he comes from a rich family and his mother always manages to save him from bad situations, but she becomes fed up with him and decides not to help him anymore.

So, Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is in a difficult situation as he must pay the debt or pay with his life. Will he manage to come out on top, or will the addiction cost him everything? This movie is ranked as the worst on our list. But that doesn’t mean that it is not worth a watch. Mark has made a huge difference and made this movie enjoyable. 

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