Online Casinos Vs Offline Casinos: The Battle For Supremacy

The casino industry is rapidly changing, all thanks to the advent of the internet. Online casinos have now made gambling incredibly easy and players can play their favorite games from the comfort of their homes.

However, despite the threatening growth of online casinos, traditional brick and mortar establishments have continued to thrive—sparking up the debate as to which one is superior to the other. To fairly determine which one takes the crown, the prominent features of each one must be defined and further distinguished.

Promotions and Bonuses

To get the most lucrative bonuses, the best place to find them are at online casinos. Packaged in various forms, internet-based casinos ensure that their clients are constantly rewarded through multiple schemes such as reload bonuses, daily promotions and others—with no deposit bonuses the most popular among online gamblers. Visiting Gambino slots website can provide gamblers with a wide variety of daily casino bonuses.

There’s also the possibility of winning a big jackpot like 33-year-old Anibal Lopes of Woodbridge, who won $193,737 while playing at an online casino.

“I couldn’t believe I won that much money,” said Lopes, a superintendent for a construction company in a report. “I told my wife, ‘I don’t feel well. My legs are shaking.’ She said, ‘We need to get you to the emergency room.’ I told her, ‘No, I’m not sick. I just won close to $194,000!’”

However, for traditional casinos, such bonuses do not apply. In fact, very limited number of land-based casinos offer any bonuses at all. This is largely due to the fact that since they receive numerous walk-in clients everyday, it becomes quite difficult to administer these bonuses. But, regular visitors are usually well compensated and rewarded. Though unlike online casinos, one-time players would never get the opportunity to enjoy cashback promotions or free spins.

Therefore, online casinos quite clearly are the preferred choice for better promotions and bonuses.

Available Games

Getting the most out of any casino requires a player to be exposed to all casino offerings, which include slot games, table games and a couple of scratch games.

While both casino type tenders to this requirement, online casinos have taken it a notch higher. In online casinos, there are various casino slot machines available and it is possible for a player to sample a game in demo mode without wagering any real money.

Also, it is possible to play multiple tables at once and monitor them all without going through stress at an online casino—something that is next to impossible to achieve in conventional casinos.


Keeping players money safe is one thing that both online and offline casinos have taken very seriously. For online gambling, casino operators ensure their websites use SSL encryption to prevent third-party interception of sensitive customer information. They also utilize industry standard banking techniques to transact with customers.

On the other hand, traditional casinos have safes or strong rooms where all the money is stored—with some installing expensive security devices in these rooms for added security. Any money received is transported in armored vehicles and escorted by professionally trained armed guards. Taking this into consideration, it might be safe to conclude that land-based casinos offer more added security than online casinos.

However, there are various ways to recognize a fraudulent casino, so you can effectively avoid falling a victim.

Learning Process

At a traditional casino, new players would certainly find it quite difficult to get up to speed with everything—largely due to the fact that everyone is interested in making money and has no time to tutor newbies.

However, many online casinos offer new players demo games which can help with the learning process and ensure everyone understand the gameplay before actively engaging in a competition.


All land-based casinos have strict working hours that might be dependent on the country of residence’s labor laws. It is quite common for such establishments to only be open for a few hours in a day, before having to shut its doors to the public. Also, there are equally other factors to be considered such as dress code, travel time and expenses—making traditional casinos less accessible than online casinos.

Online casinos can be accessed anywhere and at any time, as all that is needed is a gadget that has stable internet connection. There are no restrictions as to the types of clothes to wear and admission is open to both profession and amateur players. Expenses incurred during travel would also be avoided giving online casinos the edge in terms of accessibility.

As it currently stands, online casinos appear to be a lot more convenient and appealing than land-based casinos.

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