State casinos or royal vegas A comparison

Online gambling is gaining momentum in Canada, with several state lotteries also willing to take a slice of the cake. To this end, gaming outlets like PlayOLG and EspaceJeux were launched, run by the state lottery of Ontario and Quebec, respectively. Their goal is commendable - to maintain their states' residents money inside the state - but their offer is still behind what a dedicated casino operator like the Royal Vegas Casino can offer.

Let's make a quick comparison of their best offers, to see where Canadian state casinos fall short.

Game variety

PlayOLG is the more recent of the two, so I will start with it. Taking a look at "all the games" it offers, you'll see that their numbers are a bit short - they hardly reach 60 titles. The games are great, offered by gaming giant IGT, but they are hardly enough to satisfy all tastes. The situation is similar at EspaceJeux. It also offers IGT's game library, and almost twice as many as PlayOLG.

But take a look at what the Royal Vegas has for its users: over 600 titles in its downloadable software suite, out of which about 300 are also available for browser play. The game variety they offer is amazing, covering everything from slots and table games to casual games and even arcade titles. So, the Royal Vegas wins this round.


Jackpot games are not yet offered by PlayOLG, so let's get right to EspaceJeux. The online casino run by Loto Quebec offers its players over 20 jackpots with values between $500 and $300,000. The Royal Vegas in turn gives its players the chance to win the world record holding progressive jackpot - the Mega Jackpot - with an amount that exceeds $2.3 million at the time of this article. The Mega Jackpot is linked to several games, including The Dark Knight, Mega Moolah and others. Aside from the biggest one, the Royal Vegas has several more jackpots, with amounts between $700,000 and $2,500. So, I guess this round also goes to the Royal Vegas.


The two online gambling outlets run by state lotteries are restricted to residents of their respective territories. To play at EspaceJeux, you have to be a resident of Quebec or be there physically. To register a PlayOLG account, you'll have to face the same restrictions, only in a different region. But the Royal Vegas does not discriminate - how could it? It will accept players of legal age from all over Canada.

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